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TI Freestyle Private Lessons: Schedule flexibility, learn at your own pace

Private lessons are ideal for if you would like to create your own schedule, prefer learning at your own pace or prefer one-on-one focus. We will take videos of your swim to diagnose your mistakes and explain to you how you can improve. Private lessons are good for all swimmers, whether you are a phobic swimmer, swim for fun or a competitive triathlete, we will adapt our teaching to your swimming level.


  • Six 1-hour lessons / $450 ($80/hour single lessons available)
  • Above and below video analysis
  • Coach in the water at all times

TI Freestyle Shared Lessons: Learn from each other (2-3 students)

Shared lessons are not only ideal for those who want to reduce cost, they will help you learn faster by watching your friends as they do the TI drills. You will have the privilege of practicing together between lessons and give feedback to each other. Knowing what you do right or wrong will help you improve faster than a privet lesson.


  • Six 1-hour lessons / $390 per person (2 students), $308 per person (3 students)
  • Above and below video analysis
  • Coach in the water at all times

Video analysis class: Constant improvement in 2 hours

This class was designed for proficient swimmers who need touch-ups for improvement. We will take videos of your swim above and below water from different angles, we will analyze your technique and give you focal points for improvement. Watching your swim is one of the best tools for understanding what movements and body position are holding you back. Stroke count per pool length will be taken before and after class for comparison.


  • One time 2 hours class / $150 per person
  • Above and below video analysis
  • Coach in the water at all times
  • Video summary of all clips will be sent by email after class

TI Freestyle Workshop: Learn TI in one day

Learn the essential drills and strategies to achieve a fish-like swimming stroke in an intensive workshop during one day. Each workshop features a total of seven hours in the pool with several classroom sessions of theory, video review of your stroke and discussions.


  • Price: $350
  • Limited up to 10 students
  • Above and below video analysis
  • Coach in the water at all times
  • FREE TI swimming cap

General Information

All SwimBetter.Co classes take place at:

Colorado Athletic Club
505 Thunderbird Drive, Boulder, CO 80303

Map :

*** You do not need to be a Colorado Athletic Club member, all fees below include your admission as a visitor.

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