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Dry Learning

Learning TI swimming require a deep understanding of water characteristics, how we move through the water, and how we can achieve efficiency by changing our body position and stroke bio-mechanics. Before we jump in the water we will watch a TI swimming presentation in the classroom which will include:

  • Most common mistakes most swimmers do
  • What WILL make you faster and what will NOT
  • The benefits of working less
  • Forms of drag
  • The three TI foundation skills: balance, streamline and propulsion
  • Triathlon swimming (for triathletes only)

Coach In The Water

Whether you are in a private class or among other students in a workshop, you will always find me in the water observing you from above and below water. I will provide you with on the spot feedback for correction and self improvement. I will demonstrate every drill before you do the drill yourself. You will also watch a playback video of youself doing the drill or a whole stroke while in the pool.

Visual Feedback

We all know how it feels when we swim, however we don’t know how we look when we swim. Watching yourself in video will give you a better understanding of specific movements requiring correction. The use of video is an integral part of TI learning, so I will video you below and above water from different angles and provide you with analysis of your drills and swim form. Many students have told me how much they have learned just from the video analysis at the TI classes, and several of them requested follow-up video to help progress.

Ready to try ti

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